Quality Control

Steel Pipe Quality Inspection Program

Dimension detection, Chemical composition analysis, Non-destructive testing, Physical and chemical performance test, Metallographic analysis, Process testing.

Dimension detection

Dimension testing generally includes steel pipe wall thickness testing, steel pipe outer diameter testing, steel pipe length testing, and steel pipe bending detection. The tools used are generally: straightedge, level, tape, vernier caliper, caliper, ring gauge, feeler and chuck Wait.

Chemical composition analysis

Mainly use direct-reading spectrometer, infrared C-S detector, ICP/ZcP and other professional chemical detection equipment to carry out the related detection of chemical composition.

Non-destructive testing

It uses professional non-destructive testing equipment, such as: ultrasonic non-destructive testing equipment, non-destructive testing equipment, human eye observation, eddy current testing and other methods to inspect the surface defects of steel pipes.

Physical and chemical performance test

The main test items of the physical and chemical performance test include: tensile, hardness, impact and hydraulic test. Comprehensively test the material properties of the steel pipe.

Metallographic analysis

Steel tube metallographic analysis generally includes: high-power detection of grain size, non-metallic inclusions, and A-method grading in high-power detection. At the same time, the overall macro morphology of the material was observed with the naked eye and a low-power microscope. Corrosion inspection method, sulfur seal inspection method and other low-power inspection methods can observe macroscopic defects such as looseness and segregation.

Process testing

Process testing generally includes flattened sample test, flared and crimped sample test, bending test, ring pull test, etc., which can analyze the exact geometry of the steel pipe manufacturing process.

test (2)

Measuring outer diameter

test (3)

Length measurement

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Thickness measurement

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Measuring element